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Product information

Holzbauschrauben Holzbauschraube GHS GHS Plus Vollgewinde GWS KF KKT GWZ SK Advantages

40 % lighter weight compared to the 90 x 90 x 65 x 2.5 mm. Hole Ø 13 mm. High degree of stability due to upstand on both sides.
Diverse possible uses.

Can be used as an alternative to various angle brackets such as 70 x 70 x 55 mm and 90 x 90 x 65* mm, therefore lower stocking costs.

Due to the nailing pattern for timber-to-timber joints and the webs located on the outside on both sides, the TOP KR 90E is very suitable for F2/F3

and F1 loads. The fi xing can be made not only using GH connector nails but also the GH screw. Joints on masonry or concrete are also possible due

to the 13 mm hole.

The TOP KR 90E angle bracket can be used, for example, as an alternative to the angle bracket Type 65/90S (90 x 90 x 65 x 2,5 mm) or similar angle brackets provided consideration is given to the required loads.

Article ID H L B T n1
Ø 5
Ø 13
ETA 0769

95 85 65 1,5 19 1 ETA-09/0324

141,61 €
per 100 Stck
incl. 19,00 % VAT
EAN: 4019346110898
12,00 kg / 100

VPE : 100 / Palett : 4000